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D A I S Y J A M E S – Interior & Exterior Wall Murals Wall Coverings

Every month, D A I S Y J A M E S produces new and special designs in different themes, colours and styles. You can always keep your project in perfect style, according to your wishes and preferences. Keep an eye on “New Arrivals” on our website, or visit our store and click “NEW ARRIVALS”.

Every room has its story. Every room needs that special touch of creativity, warmth and atmosphere. D A I S Y creates these stories for everyone who wants more than just a wallcover. Inspired by everything around her: nature, flowers, art, artists and emotions, D A I S Y creates her unique and special designs. Her collection distinguishes itself through diversity and uniqueness. She makes everything blend in or stand out with this Dutch Design. These luxurious wall coverings turn every room into a piece of art! People can find their inspiration, relaxation, or just have a great time discovering the different layers in every inch of the wall.

J A M E S cares about the products and the people who buy them. That is why he sends his special team of decorators to make sure you get the perfect result at your wall. The team will measure and plan the design of the wall covering to make sure nothing will be wasted. Often projects are completely tailor-made to suit your requirements. J A M E S will help you to make sure you get an astonishing room just the way you like it, and even more…
You can choose from, next to the seamless, scratch- and impact resistant and water washable covering for walls, fabrics for curtains, and (acoustic) frames with or without LED-lights. Furthermore, various floors which are in tune with our collections make up an important part of our collection.