The Splendour No.2

"The Splendour No.2" may appear quite similar to daisy james' wallcover "The Splendour No.1", but upon closer inspection, there is indeed a difference in the colour palette between the two. While "The Splendour No.1" leans towards more red tones, "The Splendour No.2" features salmon hues. Despite being part of the same family, each of the Splendour series, including No.1, No.2, and No.3, has its own unique colour palette. However, the beautiful large flowers with their non-repeating pattern remain the focal point of all three wallcovers.

where is the sample located in The Splendour No.2

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Our samples are meant to give you an idea of the material, pattern, and color of the wallcover. However, they have limitations and may not fully represent the complete design. Some nuances and details might not be fully visible, and the overall impact may differ from the sample.