The Umber

"The Umber" - an exquisite fusion of black and gold, reminiscent of a majestic forest at twilight. This captivating daisy james wallcovering evokes a sense of mystery and opulence, transforming any space into a sanctuary of sophistication. With its rich, deep tones of black, intertwined with shimmering accents of gold, "The Umber" creates a dramatic yet elegant ambiance. Each brushstroke of gold glistens like sunlight filtering through the canopy of a dense woodland, adding depth and dimension to your walls.

where is the sample located in The Umber

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Our samples are meant to give you an idea of the material, pattern, and color of the wallcover. However, they have limitations and may not fully represent the complete design. Some nuances and details might not be fully visible, and the overall impact may differ from the sample.